Our Campaign


Released our investigation ‘The Moral Fiber of Athletic Footwear’ that uncovered the manufacturing of kangaroo skin boots by Nike, adidas and Puma is helping to drive the killing of more than 1.5 million kangaroos every year

January 2020

Launched the Kangaroos Are Not Shoes Campaign

June 2020

Exposed and held to account hundreds of California retailers illegally (Cal. Penal Code § 653o)  selling kangaroo skin boots through our landmark investigation ‘Skin In the Game

July 2020

Published our cleat cheat sheet to allow consumers to make an informed choice to avoid the purchase of soccer boots helping to drive the largest slaughter of land-based wild animals on the planet. Nike finally stops selling kangaroo in California

February 2021

Produced explosive 60 second film putting the exploitation of kangaroos for shoes on the world stage. The film made by Hollywood producers Gavin Polone and Derek Ambrosi was seen by hundreds of thousands of people and was supported and tweeted by Ricky Gervais — check it out here

March 2021

Erected billboards in Portland, Oregon — the home of Nike headquarters — right where the Nike c-suite executives can’t miss them

April 2021

Established and funded the formation of the International Kangaroo Protection Alliance (IKPA) — with over 50 members this group of scientists, ecologists, advocates, campaigners, kangaroo carers and rescuers are working towards a singular goal — to protect and celebrate kangaroos

May 2021

Helped U.S. Congressmen Salud Carbajal (CA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) in the introduction of the Kangaroo Protection Act (HR 917) into U.S. Congress and the New Jersey legislature (S3774) to ban the importation of kangaroo products into the U.S.

June 2021

Delivered a petition with over 70,000 signatures to Nike CEO John Donahoe asking Nike to stop using kangaroo skin in their soccer boots

November 2021

Hired an experienced on the ground Australian campaigner based in Sydney to work on our Kangaroos Are Not Shoes campaign at the local and national levels

December 2021

Partnered with our Australian friends to hold protests at Nike’s flagship stores across the east coast of Australia — proving once and for all the Australian public does not support Nike’s commercial exploitation of their national icon