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Kangaroos Are Not Shoes is a campaign raising awareness of the commercial kangaroo industry in Australia, responsible each year for shooting and killing millions of wild kangaroos in their native  habitat. The Commercial Kangaroo industry is in large part driven by the demand for kangaroo skin used to After the Campaign’s first task was completed by seeing Nike and Puma rid their supply chain of kangaroo skin — we are now going after Adidas and other athletic wear brands to follow suit.

The Center for a Humane Economy, Inc. (“the Center”) is the first animal welfare organization to focus solely on promoting a more humane economy through corporate engagement and advocacy and focusing on all animals. To realize its mission, the Center works with companies to soften or eliminate adverse impacts on animals in their production practices, supply chains, and research and development activities. The transition from harmful to harmless animal practices is encouraged as we seek corporate partners to be agents of change. The Center engages with stakeholders through direct dialogue, advocacy letters, shareholder proposals, social media and strategic campaigns.

The Animal Wellness Action-SPCA International partnership

By Meredith Ayan
Executive Director
SPCA International

SPCA International works to build strong partnerships with organizations doing important animal welfare work around the globe. This model brings strength to our sector and increases our impact. I am thrilled to announce a new partnership with Animal Wellness Action on a new campaign Kangaroos Are Not Shoes! This vital advocacy effort calls for ending the use of kangaroo leather in shoe manufacturing.

The following Q&A is a conversation I had with Wayne Pacelle, the founder of Animal Wellness Action, about our work in Australia and the new partnership between our organizations.

Wayne Pacelle

Australian groups supporting the Kangaroos Are Not Shoes campaign

Animal Active

With a strong focus on urban Australia's native animals, particularly kangaroos, dingoes and possums, Animal Active uses sustained campaigns, direct action, investigations, rescues, and networking with other animal advocacy organizations to challenge the neglect and abuse perpetrated on non-human animals.
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Animalia rescues all types of native Australian wildlife including kangaroos, nurturing and rehabilitating injured wild birds and mammals at its wildlife shelter for release back into the wild, and provides support and education for wildlife carers throughout ​the state of Victoria.
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Animal Justice Party

Lobbying for tougher animal protection laws and greater penalties for violators, Animal Justice Party aims to give a political voice to animals, to pursue the vital issues of animal protection through Australia’s political system and to encourage political parties to adopt animal-friendly policies.
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Australias Kangaroos

Australia’s Kangaroos is dedicated to bringing education about kangaroos to everyone, telling the whole story of this incredible animal including the indigenous perspective, impacts of colonialism, and current government-backed practices that are bringing about the destruction of kangaroos.
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Australian Wildlife Protection Council

Having published two books documenting the country’s destructive relationship with the kangaroo and publicized all manner of issues impacting wildlife, Australian Wildlife Protection Council aims to protect native animals from cruelty and exploitation, for their intrinsic worth and because they are globally unique.
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Bluebush Wildlife

Founded in 2018 to meet a need, Bluebush Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation provides experienced care to sick, injured and orphaned native animals including kangaroos, birds and reptiles, in the Midwest and Wheatbelt regions of Western Australia.
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Creative Cowboy

A global news media broadcaster in film and publishing with viewers around the globe, Creative Cowboy Films makes documentaries and publishes works about art, culture and nature, working with some of the world’s most significant artists and in some of the most remote places on earth.
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Believing animals should be treated with respect and deserve a decent life, and working towards building a human–animal relationship of humanity and justice, GAIA unites defenders of animal welfare and advocates for animal rights in Belgium.
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Kanga Watch

Brought together by shared outrage over their government’s issuing permits allowing kangaroos rehabilitated by wildlife carers to be shot by adjoining property owners upon release, and outraged by the commercial kangaroo killing industry, Kanga Watch augments compassion with science and facts to protect Australia’s kangaroos.
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Promoting a cultural change in the way we relate to other animals, with a view to achieving a lifestyle and making political choices based on respect for all living beings, Italy’s LAV has been instrumental in bringing about 13 national laws and EU Directives.
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Possumwood Wildlife

Located on the southern tablelands of New South Wales, Possumwood Wildlife cares for some 200 injured or ill wild animals each year, providing emergency first aid as well as long-term treatment and support for emotional trauma, returning them to the wild in a protected environment upon recovery.
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People Against Killing Kangaroos

Noting that despite being “protected,” millions of kangaroos are killed each year for commercial and non-commercial reasons, People Against Killing Kangaroos brings individuals, organizations and groups together with the goal of ensuring that cruelty and killing are prohibited by law for all kangaroo species.
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Pro Wildlife

Pro Wildlife is a German non-profit organisation working to protect the world´s wildlife from overexploitation, habitat destruction and abuse. We campaign to keep wildlife in the wild through advocacy, awareness and vital conservation projects.
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Believing the most powerful action one can take to end animal suffering, improve health, and protect the environment is to go vegan, Viva! works for a vegan world through education backed by science and brutally real farmed animal films, imaginative campaigns and events, and vegan festivals across the U.K.
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Australian Society for Kangaroos

The Australian Society for Kangaroos endeavors to represent all species of kangaroos and wallabies across Australia and internationally, and protect them from unnecessary suffering, killing orphaning and extinction.
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Winsome Constance Kindness Trust

Through support for a vast array of organizations benefiting children, animals, the ill, the environment and aspiring youth, The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust promotes kindness towards all other living beings and strives to enshrine this as a recognizable trait in the Australian character and culture.
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Red Box Wildlife Rescue

Whilst rescuing, raising, rehabilitating and releasing Australia’s magnificent kangaroo, RBWS is also committed to education with global programs and educating and empowering their local community with free initiatives.
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