Kangaroos Are Not Shoes is a campaign with a single goal: secure a commitment from athletic shoe companies to rid their supply chains of kangaroo skins. 

Nike and Puma Announce the End of Their Roles As Market Financiers of Kangaroo Slaughter
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Kangaroo Shoes Come Up Nearly Empty in European Football Championships
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Sifting Through the Propaganda Behind the Mass Slaughter of Kangaroos for Shoes
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Nike and Other Retailers Illegally Selling Kangaroo Skins in California, Finds Major Investigation
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demand that adidas to stop profiting from the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife!

Send a letter to an adidas CEO

to tell them to stop the slaughter of kangaroos for soccer shoes!

Current News

2 million wild kangaroos slaughtered every year so Nike and adidas can make their soccer shoes!

Kangaroo Protection Act

For the first time in a generation, the Kangaroo Protection Act has been introduced in Congress to address the mass slaughter of kangaroos for athletic shoes and other garments.

Representatives Salud Carbajal (D-Calif) and Brian Fitzpatrick R-Penn) have introduced  the Kangaroo Protection Act,  a bill to ban the sale of kangaroo body parts in the United States. This measure aims to curb the massive trade in kangaroo skins used by adidas and other companies for manufacturing soccer shoes (“cleats”). 

Tell your legislators to save the lives of millions of kangaroos a year

Our short film throws the curtain back on the mass slaughter of more kangaroos — more than 2 million a year!

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3-Time Olympic gold medalist Heather Mitts-Feeley

and other Olympic athletes called on Nike to stop producing shoes made from kangaroos — and it worked! Now moving on to adidas ...

A closer look at the moral fabric of athletic footwear

Read our white paper to see how plant-based fabrics, plastics, and other synthetic products have spurred a sharp reduction in the amount of leather in footwear in the last decade, particularly in athletic shoes.

Follow the journey from kangaroo to soccer shoe

Some of these images are graphic