At its annual meeting in Fürth, Germany, Adidas CEO Björn Gulden is confronted by shareholders who ask why the corporation is still using kangaroo skin in contradiction to company policy. “I also find the images of the hunts and what happens there, terrible,” Gulden said. “And we will certainly, maybe, switch faster than you think.”

May 2024

Citing concerns over “kangaroo population management practices, and population count discrepancies” in a commercial kill managed by the Australian government, soccer cleat maker Sokito announced today it will no longer use kangaroo leather in the production of its shoes.

April 2024

Athletic wear giant, New Balance, informs the Center for a Humane Economy it will phase out use of kangaroo skins and halt sales of kangaroo-based shoes by December 2024.  Our campaign now continues as the Center and its grassroots advocates turn their attention to Adidas and other manufacturers to demand that they stop driving the killing of kangaroos.

Sept. 2023

We launched our “Don’t Be a DICK’S” initiative, with the aim to convince America’s largest sporting goods retailer to stop selling soccer shoes made from kangaroos shot for their skins.

August 2023

Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) re-introduces the Kangaroo Protection Act (H.R. 4995) in Congress. The Act aims to ban the importation and sale of kangaroo products in the United States.

Tell your legislator to support the Kangaroo Protection Act here.

July 2023

Puma and Nike announce they will no longer offer soccer cleats made from kangaroo skins.  These actions mark major victories for the Center’s Kangaroos Are Not Shoes campaign.


Mar. 2023

Connecticut and New Jersey introduce bills to ban the commercial trade of kangaroo parts and products.

Oregon, the headquarters of Nike, gets its own bill introduced by the Senate Judiciary Committee — Senate Bill 764 will prohibit the commercial trade of kangaroo across the state.

Jan. 2023

World Cup results established over 95% of goals scored during the entire tournament were by players who wore synthetic cleats.

Dec. 2022

We provided Terra Mater Studios with a history of our campaign work and efforts in order to help raise awareness of the kangaroo slaughter through a digital short available on YouTube with over 12k.

Our short film was awarded “Best Public Service Announcement” in the International Vegan Film Festival.

Nov. 2022

World Kangaroo Day global effort to contact Nike’s Board of Directors through emails sent by our supporters and through our global network across Australia and Europe to remind Nike of their pledge to phase out kangaroo products over a decade ago.

Oct. 2022

Accompanied by a giant mobile billboard, several hundred supporters protest Nike at their store in Soho. It was the fourth and largest protest held in New York City.

Aug. 2022

We filed lawsuits against retailers after our investigations documented illegal selling of kangaroo leather soccer cleats in two Californian based stores.

June 2022

Protests held in New York City, Santa Monica, and Portland.

First protest at a Nike store held in California in collaboration with Los Angeles for Animals – where it is illegal to sell kangaroo products but our investigations have collected evidence of illegal sales in multiple retail locations across the state.

Additional protest held again outside Nike in NYC.

*images courtesy of Tyler Lang

June 2022

Global Day of Protest against Nike with events held outside Nike stores in New York City, Portland, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

The Dutch government introduce a petition to ban the importation of kangaroo products into the European Union.

Apr. 2022

Article in One Green Planet calling out Nike’s cruel and unsustainable role in the kangaroo slaughter written in collaboration with our Australian partners.

Mar. 2022

Webinar held to share updates on our efforts to end the commercial slaughter and how supporters can help with updates on what is going on in Australia — like New South Wales' MP Mark Pearson introducing a bill to ban kangaroo slaughter.

Feb. 2022

Partnered with our Australian friends to hold protests at Nike’s flagship stores across the east coast of Australia — proving once and for all that the Australian public does not support Nike’s commercial exploitation of their national icon.       

Dec. 2021

Amassed over 70,000 petition signatures telling Nike CEO John Donahoe to stop using kangaroo skin.

May 2021

Established and funded the formation of the International Kangaroo Protection Alliance (IKPA) — with over 50 members this group of scientists, ecologists, advocates, campaigners, kangaroo careers and rescuers who are working towards a singular goal — to protect and celebrate kangaroos.

Apr. 2021

Erected Billboards in the heart of Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon — right where the big Nike executives can’t miss them check out the billboard here.

Mar. 2021

Center for a Humane Economy Director of International, Jennifer Skiff, swims from Perth, Australia to Rottnest Island on a team called the “Happy Kangaroos."  The first fundraiser raises $60,000 Australian dollars for the Kangaroos Aren’t Shoes campaign.

Mar. 2021

For the first time in a generation, a bill has been introduced in Congress to address the mass slaughter of kangaroos for athletic shoes and other garments.​ The Kangaroo Protection Act of 2021 (H.R. 917) was introduced by Representatives Salud Carbajal (D-Calif) and Brian Fitzpatrick R-Penn).

Feb. 2021

Produced explosive 60 second film putting the exploitation of kangaroos for shoes on the world stage. The film made by Hollywood producers Gavin Polone and Derek Ambrosi was seen by hundreds of thousands of people and was supported and tweeted by Ricky Gervais — check it out here.

Feb. 2021

Published our No-buy List to allow consumers to make an informed choice and avoid the purchase of boots that are helping to drive the largest slaughter of land-based wild animals on the planet

Aug. 2020

Center for a Humane Economy exposed and held to account hundreds of California retailers illegally (according to California Penal Code §653o) selling kangaroo skin boots through our landmark investigation Skin in the Game.

July 2020

Center for a Humane Economy published an industry analysis of the significant developments in plant-based fabrics, plastics, and other synthetic products which spurred a sharp reduction in the amount of leather in footwear in the last decade, particularly in athletic shoes.

Jan. 2020