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These videos will show you several crucial aspects of this story, including the majesty of the wild kangaroos the horrific shootings, the illegal purchase of kangaroo leather soccer shoes and even a soccer shoe expert who is joining our call to stop using kangaroo skin in soccer shoes.


These documents will help you more fully understand the issue. 

Taking a Closer Look at the Moral Fabric of Athletic Footwear: Industry Analysis

Kangaroo Cleat Cheat Sheet Buying Guide

Skin in the Game: An Investigative Report into the Illegal Trade of Kangaroo Parts in California

Monthly kill rate for skins and meat chart

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These articles feature the Center for a Humane Economy's Kangaroos Are Not Shoes campaign

California banned the sale of kangaroo leather years ago. Lawsuits contest its continued presence

Kangaroos are not for shoes

US kangaroo skin ban ‘serious’ threat, warns leather industry

The Business: Roos or Shoes?

Proposed US ban on kangaroo products raises industry fears it could bring out more ‘cowboys’

Millions of Kangaroos are Killed for Soccer Shoes

US Congress Considers Ban of Australian Kangaroo Products

Australia boxing back on US roo ban plan

Is There Kangaroo in Your Shoes? US campaign hopes to ban import of kangaroo products.

America could BAN imports of ‘cruel’ kangaroo meat and leather worth $80 million — but MPs slam animal rights charities who have ‘no idea about Australia’

Operation kangaroo launched in US to counter slaughter ‘myth’

Nike and Adidas are using kangaroo skin to make sneakers. Is that necessary?

SLO County’s congressman wants to protect Australian kangaroos. What about American chickens?

Men We Love: Wayne Pacelle, A Crusader For A Humane Economy

US Congress to consider ban on kangaroo skin and meat, putting Australian industry at risk

2 Million Kangaroos Are Slaughtered Every Year for Football Boots

Ban the Roo Blue Targets US Trade

Nike, Puma and Adidas Speak Out on Sourcing Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo Protection Act Introduced in Congress: No More Killing Kangaroos for Athletic Shoes

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Kangaroo Protection Act to Blunt the World’s ‘Largest Wildlife Slaughter’

New one minute film exposes Nike’s role in kangaroo mass slaughter

Hollywood Stars Release Film Urging Nike To Ditch Kangaroo Leather

Congressmen Salud Carbajal and Brian Fitzpatrick Say ‘No More Killing Kangaroos for Athletic Shoes’

New short film graphically unveils Nike’s part in kangaroo slaughter in the making of soccer shoes

Roo ban: Australian kangaroo trade targeted by US politicians

Kangaroo Conspiracy? The illegal selling of kangaroo leather shoes in California

US activists push for kangaroo import ban

Why two American congressmen want to ban kangaroo imports to the US

Prada bans kangaroo leather

Prada ditches kangaroo leather

Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, other retailers violating California ban on selling kangaroos skins, new investigation finds

Nike finally stops selling kangaroo skin soccer shoes to California shoppers

Nike and Puma flouting California ban on selling kangaroo leather goods, animal rights group claims

‘We should expect companies like Nike … to adapt and end their role in driving the slaughter of kangaroos.’

Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, other retailers violating California ban on selling kangaroos skins, new investigation finds

Nike and Other Retailers Illegally Selling Kangaroo Skins in California, Finds Major Investigation